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One bedroom and one bathroom.. or two bedrooms, one dining space and a deck with a private jacuzzi... The sky is the limit. Find the right combination to meet your guests needs and the level of services you wish to offer. 

Elevated floor

"Geotope" is a patented off the ground floor, enabling insulation from the ground and set-up on dunes, lakeshores, mountainside and any kind of landscape, flat or steep. 

Building does not require any tools and ground contact is minimized to preserve soil ecosystem.

plancher small.jpg
Ground adaptivity

Our aluminium feet can adjust uo to one meter high to anchor lodges to the most uneven grounds. 

Weatherproof fly

We use fire, water and UV resistant fabrics to adapt onsite weather conditions. 

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Nest-like inner tent

For enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation, every lodge is lined in the inside with quilted inner tent for a nice and cosy atmosphere. 

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